TalkNVote ∙ Voting and Discussion System

TalkNVote can be used as a decision support system (focused on -but not limited to- research projects). TalkNvote enables project partners to discuss and vote on project related issues through a web-interface in a secure environment without requiring cumbersome logon procedures. It is the expansion of the system already in use with EUCogII (FP7 project 231281) & EUCogIII to a standalone package that can be used by other projects. TalkNVote was funded by EUCogII.

The system allows participants to vote, change their vote, view their voting history, leave comments, ask questions etc.

Emails are used to inform the participants about:

  • New voting issues
  • New discussion comments
  • Voting deadlines
  • Voting results

Emails use individualized links included in the messages to access voting issues and discuss or vote. Voting creation, history issues etc, are available to participants depending on each participant's group.

Brief Technical Note: TalkNVote can be installed and run on your own server or your own hosting account on a shared server. It uses PHP and MySQL. You should be able to set cron jobs and create an email account. Cron jobs and a valid SMTP email account will be required for the system to send out voting notifications, reminders etc.